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Abrasive belt grinding machine centreless suitable for grinding, poilishing, shining rounded pieces with diameter from 10 to 150mm. Two grinding heads in sheet metal of big thickness with tensioning and centering belt system.

Centreless group at variable speed that allows to adjust the rotation speed according to the piece diameter. Electrical adjustment with continue progression from 20 to 100 rev/minute of the contrast wheel. The piece support guide is adjustable with handwheel and covered by anticlutch plastic material changeable by fiber brushes, upon request.

Equipped with refrigerate system that lubricates and cooles pieces ensuring shining, the lubricating liquid is decanted into suitable collection tank and bringing back on the working point by electric pump ensuring continuity of lubricating and cooling.

Weight470 kg
Dimension1700 x 1400 x 1600 mm
Machine modelEurofintec 128DL
Belt size2000 x 150 mm
Motor power6,5 kW
Contact roller200 x 150 mm

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